donderdag 1 maart 2018

La incapacidad de Verdugo

Eight artists from both Drenthe (north-eastern part of The Netherlands) and beyond, who are working in different
disciplines are invited to to take part in the exhibition 'Between Art
and history. The participating artists are Kitty Boon,
Robin d'Archy Shillcock, Siemen Dijkstra, Marieke Geerlings, Jans Muskee, Pepijn
van den Nieuwendijk, Ria Penthum and Herman Roozen. The artists received an explanation about the museum, the collection and the history of Coevorden during a meeting. As a result, they have chosen their own object or story about Coevorden. This object or story served as
starting point to create a work of art. In the exhibition the
chosen subject and the work based on it will be displayed next to each other. 

Through the artistic translation of our collection, in the exhibition answers are given to questions like:
‘What happens to the historical and new objects when they are exhibited side by side?’ and ‘Are you going to look in a different way to the object and history?’

Museum Coevorden
Haven 4
7741 JV Coevorden

On the photograph below my sculpture 'La incapacidad de Verdugo' (2018) made exclusively for this exhibition. 

Flowers on a Jan Snoeck sculpture

Such an incredible honour that I have been asked to paint a large sculpture by Dutch sculptor Jan Snoeck (b. 1927). Flowers in blue and white. When I was chatting with Jan a few years ago at Struktuur 68, I said to him how I would like to paint one of his sculptures entirely in blue and white. He remembered this idea and in december he called me on the phone and said that he didn’t know exactly what to do with this sculpture and wanted me to think of the idea of painting it in blue and white. Ofcourse I loved the idea. I started with the torso in January and now I am working on the legs. 
Working with Jan is such a privilege, despite his age (91) he is still creating works of art, isn’t that amazing?!

woensdag 6 december 2017

Darwin's Dodo new versions

I am working on new versions of the small sculpture series 'Darwin's Dodo'. 
The Dodo's are cast ceramics, handpainted by myself, every Dodo has an unique decoration or special glaze.

They are already available at gallery Untitled in Rotterdam, and soon at a webshop that I am working on. 
Height: 15 cm
Price: € 250,- (please let me know if you are interested in buying one)

vrijdag 29 september 2017

Dragonboat Armada

Just finished (yeah!) this large drawing 'Dragonboat Armada'. And I brought it to Rotterdam (gallery Untitled), this week it is at the frame maker shop. Next week back to Den Haag for Art The Hague where gallery Untitled will show it. 
Art The Hague takes place October 4-8, 2017

woensdag 27 september 2017

Art For Animals’ Sake 2017

I am participating in the upcoming exhibition Art For Animals’ Sake 2017
Fundraising Exhibition
6 – 15 October Amsterdam
Art For Animals’ Sake is an initiative of 2 Dutch artists, who wish to contribute to the well-being of animals by high quality contemporary art, starting with a fundraising art exhibition from 6 – 15 October 2017. We have selected 100 talented, either well-known or emerging Dutch and International artists, who are enthusiastic to participate in this fundraising exhibition in support of animal rights organizations. This event will contain art, lectures, music and poetry.
After careful consideration, we have chosen as beneficiaries the following organizations, because of their outstanding and effective striving for animal wellbeing:

House Of Animals, who is also so kind to host our exhibition
Of every sold piece of art, the artist will donate half of the revenue (or more) to the fund. The collected money will be split among the 4 organizations above mentioned.
The world in which animals live today is of much growing concern.
New facts come to light each day about abuse in the biotech industry and other sectors where animal testing is prevalent—all in the name of human progress. At the same time, there is a growing awareness about the strong link between animal welfare and human well-being. Humans are slowly coming to know animals as they really are, and not just as resources to be exploited.
This exhibition in Amsterdam envisions, among other things, a future in which the animal and human worlds are united in common interest and collective welfare. It shows animals as our equals—with their own wills, purposes, and personalities—and not as mere victims on the path to human consumption.
Raising awareness of animal abuse and giving aid to abused animals is critical. We want to contribute to organizations that help prevent animal cruelty.  Therefore, all proceeds from Art For Animals’ Sake will go to those organizations that help animals in need. We have asked all artists to use only materials that do not include animal byproducts. 

zondag 3 september 2017

Makara and Ikuchi

These two vases/sculptures that I call the Makara and Ikuchi vases are specially made for the project ‘Kunstkast’ (‘Art cabinet’), initiated by foundation ‘Op Visite’ from Delft. They have designed two Art cabinets with each containing 5 works of Art. The ‘Kunst kast’ is going to travel around different locations, mostly care institutions, in combination with an art education program.

vrijdag 28 juli 2017

An (my) artwork in your custom-made suit

My drawings of sea creatures are used inside custom-made suits by GMraven.

GMraven is a company based in Utrecht, The Netherlands dedicated to providing high quality custom-made clothing for men. 
While you can buy ordinary suits everywhere these days, we will go that extra mile to ensure the products you buy with us are one of a kind, high quality and outfitted with tiny details that difference the ordinary from the extraordinary.
GMraven makes art wearable. We believe that art should not be just one piece of artwork at one place but a dynamic creation, carried all over the world. This wouldn’t be possible without talented artists who provide us with their art. See below for an overview of the art and artists GMraven works with. Please keep in mind that with our measured suits there is always the possibility to make something of your own! We can create whatever your mind can imagine.