zaterdag 8 april 2017

Chaste turn (Kuisbeurt)

Oh, it's a dirty job but someones gotta do it (and a dangerous one too)… but we care a lot.
Marten Toonder Monument (Rotterdam 2002) chaste turn.
Yellow for gold, and gluing thin gold foil, with Florentine Haak at Zuliani in the village of Zoetermeer.

Never heard of the term "chaste turn" before, but it was the translation I got for the Dutch word "Kuisbeurt" (cleaning something). But actually it is not really a Dutch word but Belgian. 

zondag 26 maart 2017

Pikachu in blue and white

I made this small sculpture already some months ago. My kids are Pokémon fans, not the GO but the trading card game. They said I should make a Pikachu sculpture in honour of their favorite character, I said I would, and after this promise, I was bound to do it.... Now the hype is more or less over (or at least that’s what I think, correct me if I'm wrong), it has become a historical artefact.

zaterdag 11 februari 2017


A selection of some of my smaller oil paintings are on display this week at the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair.
My painting 'L'État des mangeurs de carottes' was sold earlier this week on the fair.

Galerie Nasty Alice (Eindhoven)
Rotterdam Contemporary 2017
8-12 Februari 2017
World Trade Center Rotterdam

maandag 6 februari 2017

De cirkel is rond/The cirkel is round

Atelier Horneman, framer and gallery in Groningen asked artists to choose a round frame from their collection and make an artwork special with this frame.
I made two round paintings for this exhibition. One of them is shown below, ‘De Redder’ ‘The Savior’.
De cirkel is rond
February 4th – April 29th 2017
Opening February 4th 2017
Atelier Horneman
Kajuit 326 Groningen
Opening hours:
Tuesday – Friday 9AM – 6PM
Saturday 9AM – 5PM

woensdag 18 januari 2017

For Real?!

A few of my works are exhibited with Rotterdam based gallery Untitled this coming weekend, 19-22 January 2017 at the For Real Artfair in Amsterdam, formerly known as Realisme. 
Why the fair name has been changed from the pretty good name 'Realisme' to the hip English 'For Real' is a mystery to me. 
But anyway, I am very pleased to be present at this fair because it is known as the place to be for figurative art, and well... my work is pretty figurative.

For Real Art fair, Passenger terminal Amsterdam

vrijdag 23 december 2016

Rabbits or parrots and a collection of old shards

For Brazilian artist Camila Sposati I am working on a very special project, making a reproduction of the image of a 16th century old shard she found while digging a hole in the ground for one of her installations, the Earth Anatomical Theater, in Bahia Brazil.
It is a 16th century shard of a Faience plate from Portugal with the image of a strange looking rabbit or, when you turn the shard, a strange looking parrot.....

Below two still lives with the 'rabbit and parrot' shard in the middle between Chinese shards (for comparison, with rabbits as well) and a shard of a Dutch early 17th century Majolica plate, all from my own archaeological shard collection. And flanked by a few of my own ceramic works.

Tuinen Mien Ruys

Mien Ruys was a famous Dutch garden designer. Her private experimental gardens are open for the public. I had the privilege to participate in a ceramic exhibition in October in these gardens in the village Dedemsvaart. 
Here are two photo's of my Dragon Emperor in the garden.