woensdag 6 juli 2011

Made in Delft

I've worked on two special ceramic plates. The plates are made at the 'De Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles / Royal Delft', museum factory in Delft, wwwwww.royaldelft.com
I painted them in the Cobalt Blue that made "Delftware" famous!
The first plate has just come out of the kiln.
The figure on the plate is Perpetua Porseline (eternal porcelain), my own goddess of Porcelain. She is carrying a Ming vase, and she is surrounded by Chinese symbols of good fortune and luck.

The second plate is showing the character 'Mirabella Majolica'. She is representing the ancient ceramic 'Majolica' technique. She is an Italianesk Renaissance 'beauty', because the most important samples of the technique originate from 16th century Italy.
Note that both the Majolica technique and the Chinese (blue and white) porselain where a great influence in the development of Delftware.
Below picture's of the work in progress (the plate has not come out the kiln yet).

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