woensdag 12 oktober 2011

Big in China

Crunching computers and ridiculously large files.
For almost two weeks now I am working 24/7 on the design for the "Delft - Jingdezhen 400 year city connection" stand at the China Jingdezhen International Ceramic fair, which will be held at the Great China Museum, Jingdezhen, from Oct.18 to Oct. 22 2011.
My poor little Macbook is working overtime. The files for the banners which are going to be hung on the walls are really huge, and uploading them so they can be printed in Jingdezhen, takes hours.
Here you see a preview with some of the watercolour paintings I made for the project and samples of the design.
One of the coolest things I had to make was a design for a 7 by 6 meter big banner that is going to be hung outside the Great China Museum during the fair!
This project is organized by the city of Delft and Delft Heritage (Erfgoed Delft) in association with Royal delft.


Watercolour paintings for the Delft-Jingdezhen stand design

Watercolour painting for the Delft-Jingdezhen stand design

Design of the banners for the Delft-Jingdezhen stand

Design for one of the walls of the Delft-Jingdezhen stand

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