woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Bats in the back wall

In the October issue of the Dutch ceramic magazine 'Keramiek' from the Dutch Ceramists Association, there is an special on Dutch artists working in China. In this special there is an interview with me as well. I am talking about my experience with working in China (at the Fule International Art Museum, FLICAM, Fuping 2008, and Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute Jingdezhen in 2010), lovely Sanbao with bats in the back wall of my studio and overlooking the rice fields (and bamboo forested hills) , and about my love for archaeology, and Ming porcelain shards.
The picture below is my ceramic sculpture 'The awakening of the Mouse' at FLICAM, Fuping.
Some other artists in this China special are Hans van Bentem, Adriaan Rees, Tineke van Gils and Pauline Wiertz a.o.
If I have time, I will translate the article into English....................

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