zaterdag 13 juli 2013

The Circus has set up tents again

I have build up my sculpture 'Afterwar Delight' again. For the 6th time now!
This time in the far north of The Netherlands, in the beautiful village of Oldeberkoop, for the art route 'Open stal' (Open Stable): Het landschap in mijn hoofd (The landscape in my head).
The sculpture stands in the garden in front of the beautiful hotel Lunia.
Thanks to Peter Hiemstra and Hélène Smit for the invitation.
And many thanks to Bastiaan de Boer for assistance during the construction and my dad for transport.
1 day lugging (including 6 hours in the car), more than 8 hours public transport, two days assembling, liters Polymer Sealant, stone glue, and many tyraps...

Open Stal 2013 Het landschap in mijn hoofd.
From Saturday July 13 till Sunday August 11 2013.

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