zaterdag 31 augustus 2013

The Perpetua Cargo

Now for sale in my webshop a small part of the cargo from the wreck "The Perpetua".
The Perpetua was a relatively small English ship that hit the rocks in a storm and sank on May 22, 1851. Little is known about the Perpetua. It is not exactly known where and when it is built, almost certainly in England in about 1820. About its captain, Preston Diget is, beyond the fact that he survived the sinking, only known that he died penniless in Southampton in 1868. The wreck was discovered by fishermen around 1948. In 1956 the wreck was explored by divers led by my great-uncle, the underwater archaeologist Horatio Evol, in the Java Sea. Although the ship was probably used for the lucrative opium trade between India and China, it also had a special cargo of (at that time already antique) eccentric small bowls, jars, tiles, porcelain, pottery and dishes.
Recently, this extraordinary discovery came from the estate of my uncle in my possession.
Come look in my webshop and be the first to get unique and authentic objects of Perpetua!

The Perpetua cargo is made in remembrance of my imaginative great-uncle Horatio.
The name Perpetua was based on 'Perpetua Porseline' my goddess of blue and white porcelain (and Delftware) that I depicted on a 3,5 meters high vase that is now in the collection of museum 'De Prinsenhof' Delft, The Netherlands.

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