donderdag 27 februari 2014

City of clay

I am working on a large scale model of the city of Delft, based on the 1649 map made by Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu, for Museum Het Prinsenhof in Delft.
The ca. 3 x 2 meter scale model is made in ceramics covered with a layer of Engobe, to give it a unfired clay-feel.
The idea of Delft as a city of clay is based on the fact that Delft in the early 17th century was becoming a city of potters who were starting to develop Delftware inspired by Chinese blue and white porcelain.
The scale model will be presented in the museum within a few months. At this moment Museum Het Prinsenhof is totally renewing its semi-permanent exhibitions.

More information about cartographer Joan Blaeu:

And the 1649 map of Delft:

Museum Het prinsenhof

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