donderdag 3 april 2014

The Blue Revolution in Dongguan 2

The Blue Revolution in Dongguan: A witness of the maritime porcelain route. 
I am still working on the design for this exhibition at Dongguan Yuan Chonghuan Memorial Park Museum in Dongguan, China.
Very large collages that will be printed and put against the walls as a background for the showcases.
The images depict an underwater world with shipwrecks and ancient and new porcelain.
One of the museum rooms will be the "transport room" about the trade of Chinese porcelain and the influence on Dutch Delfware.
The entrance room of the museum will be the "Hall of heroes". With stories about historical heroes from Delft, Dongguan and Jindezhen.
The exhibition will open at April 24, 2014.

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