vrijdag 23 december 2016

Rabbits or parrots and a collection of old shards

For Brazilian artist Camila Sposati I am working on a very special project, making a reproduction of the image of a 16th century old shard she found while digging a hole in the ground for one of her installations, the Earth Anatomical Theater, in Bahia Brazil.
It is a 16th century shard of a Faience plate from Portugal with the image of a strange looking rabbit or, when you turn the shard, a strange looking parrot.....

Below two still lives with the 'rabbit and parrot' shard in the middle between Chinese shards (for comparison, with rabbits as well) and a shard of a Dutch early 17th century Majolica plate, all from my own archaeological shard collection. And flanked by a few of my own ceramic works.

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