donderdag 1 maart 2018

La incapacidad de Verdugo

Eight artists from both Drenthe (north-eastern part of The Netherlands) and beyond, who are working in different
disciplines are invited to to take part in the exhibition 'Between Art
and history. The participating artists are Kitty Boon,
Robin d'Archy Shillcock, Siemen Dijkstra, Marieke Geerlings, Jans Muskee, Pepijn
van den Nieuwendijk, Ria Penthum and Herman Roozen. The artists received an explanation about the museum, the collection and the history of Coevorden during a meeting. As a result, they have chosen their own object or story about Coevorden. This object or story served as
starting point to create a work of art. In the exhibition the
chosen subject and the work based on it will be displayed next to each other. 

Through the artistic translation of our collection, in the exhibition answers are given to questions like:
‘What happens to the historical and new objects when they are exhibited side by side?’ and ‘Are you going to look in a different way to the object and history?’

Museum Coevorden
Haven 4
7741 JV Coevorden

On the photograph below my sculpture 'La incapacidad de Verdugo' (2018) made exclusively for this exhibition. 

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