maandag 13 juni 2011

Neko Jita!

This coming Saturday, June 18 th 2011, a new exhibition opens at Quartair in The Hague (where I have my studio).
This exhibition is called "Neko Jita", literally meaning "cat tongue", and it refers to someone who can't eat or drink spicy food. Unliterally it refers to someone who is sensitive for influences from outside. The exhibition shows works of twelve artists who are fascinated and inspired by the country Japan. So maybe you can say that Japonisme is not only an art movement from around the year 1900, but is still very much alive! Come and see for yourself.
By the way: I did the graphic design for the invitation!

Juni 18 th till Juli 9 th 2011

. Opening Saturday June 18, 8.00 PM


'Neko Jita' shows works by the artists: 
Seekee Chung, Karin van Dam, Sibylle Eimermacher, Robin de Goede, Daan van Golden, Erik-Jan Ligtvoet, Huub van der Loo,
 Nico Kos, 
Rens Krikhaar, Stefanie Scholte, Martine Stig, WassinkLundgren.

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