maandag 13 juni 2011

Pottery shards from Yaoli

At my work period in China, October 2010, I took a trip to the beautiful village of Yaoli (Jingdezhen). Overthere I found some old porcelain shards. The old man in the picture saw me walking with these shards in my hands when I past his house, and he gave me the three (broken) bowls on the left as a present (okay, well, I actually gave him some money for it, but anyway.....)!

The artist Jiansheng Li told me they were probably from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644), at least the blue and white ones. The greyish bowl was probably even older, dating from the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368).

According to information, about the blue and white bowls, I recently found on the web, Chinese archaeologists have excavated bowls of this type at the Jiang family kiln at Yaoli. This kiln site is from the Ming Dynasty Zhengtong to Tianshun Period (1427 -1464).
So that make these bowls almost 600 years old! I am so glad I got these through customs and in my collection now! 

Note the special calligraphic style on these bowls!
(on the right you see pictures of two similar bowls found on the internet).
If you have more historical information about these type of bowls, please contact me.

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