donderdag 30 augustus 2012

In an Oriental mood with lacquer paint and a paint mask.

Work on the three domes in new residential complex 'De Oriƫnt' (see previous post) progresses smoothly. Since last week I have a talented trainee who helps me one day in the week with the work. Sometimes it is difficult to work upon the scaffolds when the weather is stormy, but it is settled weather now. It is a great challenge because it is the first time I work with lacquer paint, in this case special paint for boats because the domes are made of Polyester.
On the pictures work in progress this month.
The designs are based on ancient Hindu and Islamic miniatures from India and the Mughal empire, the Ottoman empire and the Persian Empire etc.

Production by Mothership:
The architects of The Orient:

donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Liefs, Vermeer (and waiting until the rain to stops) II

And this is the final result, just out of the kiln Vermeer's wedding plate Anno 1653 (Porcelain, kobalt blue). I am painting two more porcelain plates for this exhibition.
Thanks to Tineke van Gils, she has made the plate and she is organising the exhibition.

Oriental domes

The scaffolds are installed. Just started cleaning, degreasing, and applying the primer.  
Next week I can finally start painting!
See previous post "Orient goes Oriental".