zaterdag 26 maart 2016

Timelapse painting and Youtube account

This is a timelapse video of a grisaille (in black and white) underpainting in acrylics on a small canvas (the working title of this small painting is Prehistoric Monster Skull Collection). The rest of the painting will be finished in oil paint (but will take a lot longer than the underpainting).
I love timelapse video's and I really wanted to make one myself, and this is my very first try. I had already started the painting when I decided to make a timelapse of the rest of the underpainting.
Soon I will add the final result here.
If you don't like the video you certainly must like the music by my good friend Bastiaan de Boer 'Open The Bottle'.
My new Youtube channel is here:
On my channel you can find a playlist with video's about my work.


vrijdag 18 maart 2016


It's been a few months not posting here on my blog (except from the two previous blogposts I posted just before this one), and that is about the longest time I did not blog. But I have been busy,  filling my sketchbooks with drawings for commissions, new paintings and actually starting to work on new paintings.
On the photos you see an overview of sketching.
Because most of the commissions are really seriously utterly secret I can't show much more now.

Furthermore, at the end of 2015, I started teaching art and design at the immensely cool Theaterschool in Rotterdam, and I am enjoying that very much!
Such a nice school with all those talented students.

The nest

This blogpost was supposted to be posted somewhere in November 2015, but I actually forgot to post it. 
I recently made this small painting for my good friend Bastiaan de Boer. He is now starting a small collection of my work, and just commissioned a brand new one.
A good picture will be made soon, and posted here and in the portfolio section of my website.

The rat we call mouse

As we speak my "the rat we call mouse" sculpture entitled 'Afterwar Delight' is sitting on the rocks at the art and antiques store and gallery Diederiks Fine Art located in what must be one of the most attractive streets in the old city centre of Den Haag, 'Het Noordeinde' street.

One of my Fuping birds, also on display at Diederiks Fine Arts, is surrounded by Easter eggs and reclining at a 19th century sofa.