vrijdag 18 december 2015

Heavy metal (bronze)

At Zuliani's, no not an Italian restaurant just around the corner, but the art and terrazzo makers who are renovating the sculpture 'Ode aan Marten Toonder' (Ode to Marten Toonder).
I made this sculpture with my art collective De Artoonisten (Hans van Bentem, Luuk Bode and DJ Chantelle aka Boris van Berkum and myself) in 2002.
Because of rigorous adjustments to the square, like the recently built imposing 'Markthal', the city had to move the sculpture a few meters from the original location.
And with relocating the sculpture it had to be stored away for one year. 
Luuk Bode and I are actually helping Zuliani a bit with adding some new paint on the top part of the sculpture, and that starts with removing the old paint.
The sculpture will be placed at the new location in Februari 2016.
More information:

zaterdag 28 november 2015

Owl with a jabot

For the promotion of the art historian Andréa A. Kroon I made a box based on historical Japanese lacquer boxes with Masonic symbols.
Andréa A. Kroon was promoted on the thesis 'Masonic networks, material culture & international trade. The participation of Dutch freemasons in the cultural & commercial exchange with Southeast Asia, 1735-1853'.
This is the formal title of the book. This describes in some 900 pages, the creation of Masonic lodges along the trade route to India, Ceylon, Dutch East Indies, Japan and China. These lodges had many VOC personnel and later traders as members. They have created a special material culture of lodge buildings on Java to Japanese lacquer with Masonic symbols.
On the box I painted Masonic symbols, flowers and an owl with a jabot, in reference to the professorship.
The box contains a ceramic Dodo sculpture (Andréa is a huge Dodo fan) and a porcelain bowl, on which I painted Masonic symbols and "Chinese clouds".

More information about the work of art historian Andréa A. Kroon you can find here:


Size of the box 37 x 25 x 9 cm oil on wood, 2015

The bowl is made from porcelain, with underglaze cobalt painting

The Dodo is made of ceramics with Majolica painting

And the winner is.....

On 25th of October the awards ceremony for the Piket Kunstprijzen took place at Theater Diligentia in The Hague. Before I spent busy months sculpting, glazing and making wooden boxes for the ceramic awards.
In the photo down below you see the winner in the category painting, Lennart Lahuis.

More information about the Piket Kunstprijzen (Piket Art prizes), and especially the winners:
(only in Dutch)

maandag 28 september 2015

A family gathering on a day in early spring

The last few months I worked quietly on this painting. I could not show anything of it as it was commissioned by the client as a present for his daughter's graduation at the University of Leiden. It is loosely based on a large family portrait from the 1860's.

Een familiebijeenkomst op een vroege lentedag
A family gathering on a day in early spring
60 x 40 cm oil on canvas

Piket Art prizes, the first award

These are new pictures of the first of three awards that I am working on for the Piket Kunstprijzen.

zaterdag 29 augustus 2015

It's not all gold that glitters

This is what kept me busy this summer.
Last two months I have mainly been working on four awards for the Piket Art Prizes. The first one has just came out of the kiln (three firings, bisquit, glaze and goldluster).
The basic shapes of the awards are thrown by potter/designer Norman Trapman and I am decorating and sculpting the award.
The first one will be presented at Museum Mesdag during the Den Haag Museumnacht (Museumnight) on September 5th 2015, on that evening the nominees will be presented as well.

An interview with me about this project, with even more work in progress pictures you can find here: http://www.piketkunstprijzen.nl/het-kunstwerk-van-2015-het-fantastische-circus-van-pepijn-van-den-nieuwendijk

zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

A conversation about circus, ceramics, dragons and Felicien Rops

Let the trumpets blare! I'm on Youtube! I am featured in the August 2015 episode of ‘De kleine K’, the Independent Digital Ceramic Magazine. http://www.dekleinek.nl/ and they made a video documentary/interview about me and my work.
Below you can watch the interview, especially made for ‘De kleine K’.


maandag 13 juli 2015

Paper Lady

Now and then I make small print-on-demand books about my work. This is my latest about my ceramic sculpture 'Dame en haar dwerg' (Lady and her dwarf). The Lady will be exhibited again soon.

This is my small personal bookstore:

A direct link to the Lady and her dwarf book:

vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Piket Kunstprijzen

Pepijn has been commissioned to make an award for the Piket Art prizes. He makes a ceramic artwork for the winners. The categories for the art prize are painting, dance and theater.
The prizes will be awarded in November 2015.
The nominees will be presented at the Museum Night in The Hague, September 5-6, 2015

More information (in Dutch):

maandag 25 mei 2015

Het Noordeinde

 It's been a long time,  but finally some of my ceramic works are on display in my hometown The Hague. And the location is not too bad either, the chic Het Noordeinde street, very close to the Noordeinde palace http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noordeinde_Palace 
At Diederiks Fine Art my ceramic vases and sculptures stand between historical paintings and unusual antique objects, an exciting combination.

Diederiks Fine Art
Noordeinde 128
Den Haag


zondag 17 mei 2015

Channel Nova

A few of my works are now online for sale at the brandnew website:

Channel Nova is an online art platform providing exclusive original artworks from renowned international artists at an affordable price. 

We believe that art should be available to everyone.
The platform is founded and managed by Marnix Van Peteghem & Dado Van Peteghem. They previously started the Museum Of Weird Art and have been closely involved in different art projects throughout the years.

dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Glass case

At this moment a few of my ceramics are on display in the glass case at Pulchri studio, Den Haag. My work 'Drakenkeizer' (gouache on paper), can also be seen at Pulchri, as part of the Spring exhibition (Voorjaarstentoonstelling).

donderdag 2 april 2015


I made these two paintings on leftover blocks of Walnut that I got from a friend who is a furniture designer (work in progress).

Oil on Walnut, 13,9 x 22,3 x 4,4 cm

Oil on Walnut 13,6 x 22,1 x 4,4 cm

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

The Potters Cast

Recently I had a nice conversation with Paul Blais about my work for 'The Potters Cast' show.

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk | Episode 91

Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk studied Graphic and Typographic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, The Netherlands (Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag).
After graduation Pepijn focused more on illustrating and painting. This was the beginning of Cirque dextraordinaire or what later became his alias and studio name Cirque de Pepin.
Pepijns circus, as a metaphor for a place where anything can happen.

How would you define you?
As an artist I am very open minded. I am very interested in different cultures. I am open to different people and different kinds of art.

What kind of habits do you employ to make sure you are creative in your life?
Try to spend  time with my family. That is good always. I do fun things with my kids, playing soccer, things like that. Swimming and archaeology, I am very much interested in old stuff. Those are things outside my art life. Doing things that keep your mind off your work keeps you fresh, that is important for me to stay creative.

What was one of your most embarrassing moments as an artist?
I have made some financial mistakes. For a commission I should have asked for more money.

What is the best advice you have been given to be successful as an artist?
What someone told me was that if you have this idea in your head you have to always be very open to it. If you have this idea you really have to make this work. As an artist try to make this idea a reality. Always try to make it work. 

vrijdag 6 maart 2015


I am participating in the upcoming group exhibition INKED 'About tattoos and art', at BAS10 gallery in the beautiful old town of Sneek (in the north part of The Netherlands, Friesland county).

March 14 - April 21, 2015 

Participating artists:
Eveline Smit, Frieda de Witte, Henrike Scholten, Jans Muskee, Klasiena (Sieuwke Klaske) Soepboer,  Maria Jager, Marlies Hulzebos, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk, Rinke Nijburg, Sabine Liedtke, Sander Wiersma, Toyah van de Ven.
The exhibition is partly achieved with the cooperation of the Classical Academy of Groningen.

About Owls

I am working on a few smaller oil paintings on wooden panel. 
Below is the work in progress of one of them. 
On the left the underpainting in ocher and burnt umber.

maandag 2 februari 2015

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2015

I am participating in the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2015 with gallery Nasty Alice. There you can see some of my latest paintings, Including the one below.

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair is part of the Art Rotterdam Week February 4-8, 2015 Cruise Terminal Rotterdam 


La découverte des Caroténoïdes
Oil on panel
22,8 x 33,5 cm  26,5 x 36,5 cm including painted frame


zondag 18 januari 2015

La découverte des Caroténoïdes

Here are some pictures of new paintings that I am working on right now.
The painting on the easel: 
La découverte des Caroténoïdes
Oil on panel
22,8 x 33,5 cm  26,5 x 36,5 cm including painted frame.

The other painting is a yet untitled 40 x 30 cm oil painting study on canvasboard.

More news: www.pepijnvandennieuwendijk.com