vrijdag 30 mei 2014

Jeux d'esprits: bleu, blanc, rouge

Now on display at Pulchri studio The Hague 3 of my paintings in the exhibition 'Jeux d'esprits: bleu, blanc, rouge' .

Participating artists:

Deelnemende kunstenaars:
Michael van den Besselaar
Grada Bouman
Peter Gentenaar
Joop van 't Hoenderdaal
Paul van Hulzen
Marianne Kaars Sijpesteijn-Bos
Erik Ketel
Susan de Kruiff
Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk
Caro Rambonnet
Gert Jan Scholte-Albers
Dinie Wikkerink

http://www.audiosparksforart.com/art/mammoth-parade/  (this link thanks to Dan Goldstein)

woensdag 21 mei 2014

Anno Domini 1649

This week the last parts of my Ceramic scale Model of the city centre of Delft came out of the kiln.
I have just installed it in the museum.
The scale model was commisioned by Museum Het Prinsenhof and is based on the 1649 map of Delft by Joan Blaeu. It is made from ceramics with Engobe and the size is approximately 2 x 3 meters, and 5 cm height. Interesting details: It is made in 61 parts, and I used about 500 kilo of clay to make the piece.
When you look in the binoculars you see beautiful animated short movies on the history of Delft as a ceramic city, about potters and the ceramic proces of making Delftware.
The scale model is going on display in the newly renovated Museum.

The grand reopening of the Museum is on May 23rd by His Majesty the King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands.


The Greatest Show on Earth

I did not have much time to paint the last few months because of my Monumental city of Delft (1649) 2 x 3 meter ceramic scale model commission and the exhibition in Dongguan China. But I managed to finish the painting. In collaboration with Studio Buitenhof in The Hague I am producing a high quality print from this new painting, in an edition of 20. 
Soon they will be available.
More information will follow.