woensdag 25 december 2013

On behalf of Mr. Darwin

I present a few details of some new paintings that I'm working on. 
The paintings feature a Mammoth, a ghostly snowman, and Mr. Darwin (who is quite upset).
More information and pictures will be posted soon.


The Dragon Emperor and a Fuping bird

Some recent ceramic sculptures.
I finished the Dragon Emperor sculpture already a few months ago.
The Fuping bird is a new work in progress.
I already made four Fuping birds the last few years, but this one has a different
pattern than the previous four, sample overhere.
The other Fuping birds are sitting on a stone, while this one is sitting on a nest.

zaterdag 14 december 2013

Kamasutra rabbits

Difficult to translate in English, 'Het dufste uit Duf': 'The most fusty of Fusty'? Duf (Fusty) is a Dutch pricewinning bookazine for teenage kids. Colourfull, funny and full of interesting subjects. I had the opportunity to participate in this bookazine with illustrations. I made the first 3 illustration spreads in 2006, for the articles 'Handjes booven de deekens' (Hands above the blanket), a glance on masturbation in the 19th century, and for an article about the Kamasutra (rabbits).
Now the Kamasutra rabbits are republished in the overview edition  'Het dufste uit Duf'.
The Dutch Museum of the Image, MOTI has now an interactive exhibition on modern visual culture in collaboration with Duf.